Производственная компания "Алокс"

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Address: Saint-Petersburg,
Кolomyazhskiy prospect, 10 АSH

E-mail: info@alox-ceramics.ru
Phone: 8 (812) 458-44-27     8 (812) 339-45-36

The history of Company

Company’s history begins in 1978, when scientists and technologists of the soon-to-be company «Alox» developed technology of producing ceramic armoring. Improvement and implementation of ceramic products as a component of composite armor for military personnel and machinery protection of Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense is ongoing to this day. Since 1980, along with scientists of National Research Institute of Abrasives and Grinding and based on Create-and-Research Unity «Abrasive Facility «Ilyich», developments of high-precision corundum nozzles for poison-spraying purposes and high-profile production for thread guiding garniture were carried out. From 1986 to 2000 boron carbide armor elements for “АДУ 1420” production and body armor sewing for the 40th army in Afghanistan was mastered. In 2004 it was decided to Create-and-Research company «ALOX».

Since 2004 and up to this day corundum ceramic armor elements for complete set of body armor models 6Б13, 6Б43 и 6Б45 protection class 5 and 6 production, taken into service by Russian Army, was developed and mastered as a part of private government partnership. As a part of government arming program, in a long-term partnership corundum-based armor elements supply for protection of helicopters MI-28, MI-17 and MI-8 and small landing crafts is implemented.

Under the control of 137 ВП МО РФ «Alox» Company is annually accomplishing Government contracts, providing with armor the most demanding client – Russian Army.

Our Advantages:

  • More than 30 years of technological working experience
  • Company’s technical capability allows it to produce complicated shapes and high preciseness products
  • Company’s technological power allows it to produce more than 268 tons of finished products annually