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Address: Saint-Petersburg,
Кolomyazhskiy prospect, 10 АSH

E-mail: info@alox-ceramics.ru
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Ceramic Fittings

«Alox» Company is producing Quick-changeable ceramic fittings for valve gates type DCV (Disc Choke Valve) 65x21 with 2;3;4;5;6;7;8;10;12 mm butterfly.

Intended for staged fluid flow control (technical water, oil etc.) and set on high pressure water pipes instead of choke chambers.

High-strength ceramic fittings usage has proven its high durability and lifetime.

Product name Size, mm
ЗДШ65×35.02.004 D25 H25 d2
ЗДШ65×35.02.004-01  D25 H25 d3
ЗДШ65×35.02.004-02 D25 H25 d4
ЗДШ65×35.02.004-03 D25 H25 d5
ЗДШ65×35.02.004-04 D25 H25 d6
ЗДШ65×35.02.004-05 D25 H25 d7
ЗДШ65×35.02.004-06 D25 H25 d8
ЗДШ65×35.02.004-07 D25 H25 d10
ЗДШ65×35.02.004-08  D25 H25 d12