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Armor elements

Armor elements are used in composite armor which is used to protect military machinery and personnel.

It is typical for the military equipment to be under heavy fire impact. For that reason, the highly dense ceramic armor panel, constructed with the concept of continuous plating, might not be durable enough.

«Alox» Company suggests solution to this problem by using discrete ceramic armor parts, consisting of cylindrical or hexagonal elements, proportionate to the munition assets.

Discrete armor layout allows for the maximum durability of composite armored panels.

Armor plates are intended to be used as part of composite armor for personnel (protection class up to Бр5 by Russian ГОСТ Р50744-95) and machinery (protection class up to Бр6 by Russian ГОСТ Р50744-95) protection. Plates produced by «Alox» Company are also used in radioparent armor.