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Technical ceramics elements

Water blocking elements

For pipes connecting water connecting or blocking elements are often used: various fittings, taps, valves, plugs etc.

Materials which are used in water disposal systems must have high durability and wear resistance characteristics, as they are often put under effect of aggressive liquids. In those cases, «Alox» Company suggests using ceramic clamping valves to connect pipes.

Ceramic thread guides

Ceramic thread guiding garniture for stretching mechanism and false twisting high-durability chemical fibers.

Our aluminum oxide-based thread guides meet high standard requirements of durability, corrosion resistance, bending durability and have adjustable yarn grip, achieved with special ceramic surface treatment.

Technology allows us to manufacture complicated shape products. Ceramic garniture works especially good on high broaching speed machines (up to 1000 meters per minute).

Tumbling media

«Alox» Company manufactures corundum cylinders for metal parts treatment in the tumbling machine or by vibro-tumbling methods and for powder material grinding.

Nozzles and pesticides sprayers

Since 1980 nozzles for working in high aero- and hydro abrasive deterioration conditions, including chemically aggressive environments (sandblasting nozzles, jet pumps and nozzles for water cutting, nozzles and seal bushings in chemical and agricultural engineering) are being produced.

Aero- and hydro-abrasive nozzle durability (in the oil-pumping operation conditions with sand content up to 2%) is 6-9 times higher than its steel 40X counterparts.

Technical ceramics elements

Corundum ceramics of «Alox» Company has a lot of advantages in various applications. «Alox» Company products, produced for specific market segments, is used in mechanical engineering, electronics, in power engineering and industrial ecology, in medical technologies.


Cubical and Cylindrical ceramic indicators are designed to configure and control equipment operation, which is based on gravitational or radiometric methods of enrichment.

The size of the manufactured indicators varies from 3 to 25 mm., density from 3.2 to 4.4 g/cm³.